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Leaf Festival brings artists from across the globe

Leaf Festival 2022
Laura Hackett
Leaf Festival 2022

This weekend, thousands of people will gather at Lake Eden, just outside of Black Mountain, for the 51st annual Leaf Global Arts Festival. The event features about 350 artists from around the world.

This year’s theme, Legends of the Americas, emphasizes musical presentations from first nations and indigenous musicians.

LEAF executive director and founder Jennifer Pickering said the tradition of the festival brings together many different cultures.

"There was a real need and gap for artists from all over the world and from lots of different cultures to come to our community," she said.

Some of the headliners of this festival include: Son Rompe Pera, Halluci Nation, Supaman, who hail from Mexico City, Ottawa, Canada, and Seattle, respectively.

In addition to the music performances, there are family friendly activities. Kids and adults alike can frolic at a Dr. Bronner’s foam pit, dubbed the “Foamy Homies Fun” center. There are also workshops centered around the healing arts.

Festival goers can also try new cuisine from local food vendors.

Find a full schedule, tickets, and directions, at LEAF’s official website.

Jose Sandoval is the afternoon host and reporter for Blue Ridge Public Radio.