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About BPR News

BPR News serves Western North Carolina with extensive news coverage, including important news items shared with its sister station, BPR Classic. BPR News programming includes the NPR content you count on, along with the local, national and international news stories that mean the most to you. Under the direction of BPR News Director Matt Bush, BPR News’ newly expanded staff offers more reporters to provide you the distinctive, signature style of news reporting, balance of perspectives and deep insights you expect from public radio. 

BPR NEWS Department Values Statement:

It isn’t enough to report that news happened. We strive to tell you why it happened, the factors and issues leading to it happening, and what is next now that it did happen.
As part of the context of any story we report, we will focus on who is impacted – be it a single individual or group or thousands of them. That will bring the connection – emotional and intellectual - to our listeners that we value so highly.
We want to connect our work with our listeners, and we want them to feel connected to it. Showing the context and the impact in every story will build that connection, which puts the public in public radio.
We want our work to engage the listener beyond the first interaction. We want our work to spur listeners to become connected and more involved in their community.
We embrace our role as educators. Each story has something new to tell, or contains something previously unknown to someone. We hope our listeners learn something new with each story we produce, and that it brings them a greater understanding of their community and world.
With all due respect to our lawyer and government friends, they often times speak a language that is not accessible to all. Our work – which will often feature those in government and law - will be accessible to all. That means delivering it in clear language that can be understood, even if it means explaining words and terms that may not be familiar to some listeners. 
Disagreements are part of the news, and we will report on them. But we will not abide disrespect. Civility is a core principle of public radio. To achieve it we must always offer respect, particularly in areas of disagreement. Those who do not run risk of not having their voices heard with us.