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Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson speaks at event sponsored by anti-birth control group

North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson announces his campaign for Governor at a rally outside Ace Speedway in Elon, N.C. Saturday, April 22, 2023. (Lynn Hey / For WUNC)
Lynn Hey
North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson announces his campaign for Governor at a rally outside Ace Speedway in Elon, N.C. Saturday, April 22, 2023.

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson spoke at an event in Tennessee over the weekend sponsored by a group that is against birth control and abortion.

The Republican candidate for governor was a featured speaker at a Christian men's event sponsored by the group PreBorn called "Fearless Army Roll Call 2.0." PreBorn says on its website that birth control drugs are similar to having an abortion, and the FDA's approval of a birth control drug is "evil."

"Though birth control has legitimate medicinal uses, the purpose of birth control is to induce a miscarriage of a developing baby," the website says.

The group argues that life begins at conception. It funds grants to pregnancy clinics and trains them in Christian evangelism.

Robinson has previously voiced support for banning all abortions, but his campaign now says he favors a ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

Robinson's speech was part of an event to encourage men to "take a stand against the evil forces destroying American culture."

It was hosted by conservative TV host Jason Whitlock, who in January voiced agreement with a guest who said Jewish people are undermining American morals. After author E. Michael Jones said that "Jews ... have spent their entire time here in the United States of America undermining the moral fabric of the American people," and that President Joe Biden's administration is run by "457 Jews," Whitlock responded by saying "the man is speaking facts."

Whitlock — a former sportswriter who once worked for ESPN and FOX — recently praised Robinson, saying the lieutenant governor could become president in 2028 if he loses weight.

When asked about the topic of Robinson's speech at "Fearless Army Roll Call," and whether the lieutenant governor agrees with PreBorn's views on birth control, a spokesman for Robinson's campaign initially said he was unfamiliar with the event. He provided a statement that did not address Robinson's view on birth control regulations.

"He’s said that as governor he would sign a heartbeat bill with exceptions for rape, incest and when the life of the mother is in danger," spokesman Mike Lonergan said in an email. "Lt. Gov. Robinson also wants to turn North Carolina into a destination state for life by doing more to support women that choose life; like improving our foster-care and adoption systems; and preserving access to IVF and birth control."

The campaign of Robinson’s Democratic opponent, Attorney General Josh Stein, criticized the Republican’s participation in the event.

“Robinson has once again proved his disdain for our reproductive freedoms,” spokeswoman Morgan Hopkins said. “As Governor, Josh will do everything in his power to defend people’s right to use contraception. The decision of when and how to start a family is intensely personal. It is not the government’s business — it certainly isn’t Mark Robinson’s.”

Colin Campbell covers politics for WUNC as the station's capitol bureau chief.