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Feel the music: A live festival performance from Strand of Oaks

You may want to take a moment right now to make sure you have some tissues nearby. When I welcomed Timothy Showalter of Strand of Oaks back into the World Cafe studio for our first in-person interview since before the pandemic, that was the one thing I wish I'd had ready. Because Timothy is one of those people who feels... and makes you feel, too, both in conversation, where he's earnest and generous and empathetic, and with his music.

You will hear Showalter talk about making his latest album during a time of great upheaval in his life, which included moving to Austin, Texas, after living in Philadelphia for almost two decades. You'll also hear live performances from a show that was kind of like a homecoming for Showalter; the full-band performances here were recorded at the XPoNential Music Festival near Philadelphia back in September. It was his first time playing these new songs in front of a live audience — and yes, I can tell you this one got a few people choked-up, including me.

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