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Let's go deep on Yola's 'Stand For Yourself'

Joseph Ross
Courtesy of the artist

If Yola's debut album, Walk Through Fire, was about surviving the struggle and overcoming the odds, then her new album, Stand For Myself, is about not being afraid to burn it all down, taking names along the way. Like her first album, Stand For Myself was produced by Dan Auerbach. The record showcases Yola's array of gifts as a singer, songwriter and performer, branching out beyond country and soul into blues, pop, gospel and more. Beyond genre, the true heart of the album is Yola herself. Tackling a myriad of subjects, from heartbreak to performative wokeness and sex positivity, Stand For Myself is a confident and necessary record.

We talk to Yola about what it means to "own thyself," shedding an inferior version of herself, working with Brandi Carlile and playing Sister Rosetta Tharpe for a new movie about Elvis Presley.

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