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Journalism Chops And Receptionist Charm Will Get You A Job And Home In West Virginia


Calling all "Gilmore Girls" fans. If you've ever dreamed of living in a small town like Stars Hollow, getting to know your neighbors at the charming inn you manage and getting paid to write news stories like a real Rory Gilmore, well, you are in luck. The Wells Inn in Sistersville, W.V., is looking for help. Its owners publish The Innformer, an independent biweekly paper serving five counties in the area. They say in a recent job listing they're looking for a self-starter, not someone who has to be chased around and constantly reminded of meetings and deadlines.

It pays a small salary to cover city council meetings and local businesses. But they're also offering would-be reporters a free suite at their Victorian inn. There's even a ferry boat nearby that can take you across the Ohio River for news-gathering. Now, you will have to staff the front desk a few times a week. But as the ad says, this job is ideal for someone who is looking to keep in the game after being, quote, "downsized, needs a change of pace or scenery or simply wants to hide from their ex."

And bonus, you get all the coffee you can drink. And tea can be substituted if Joe isn't your thing. It isn't mine.

(SOUNDBITE OF LYNDE'S "DUSTY ATTIC") Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.