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Hopes For The Next 4 Years: Philadelphia City Official Wishes For Racial Justice


On Joe Biden's inauguration day, we're checking back with some of our guests from the last four years to tell us what they hope for in the next four years.

JAMIE GAUTHIER: I'm council member Jamie Gauthier. I represent Philadelphia's 3rd District. I last spoke to you in November, following the resolution from Philadelphia City Council apologizing for the MOVE bombing in 1985. My hope for the next four years is that we create more of a safety net for everyone in this country who is vulnerable. I see hope for us to be able to climb out of this pandemic. The past year has been so dark and so distressing, not only seeing COVID descend upon our communities and our people but feeling like we didn't have a federal administration that was competent enough to deal with it. And I believe that Biden is competent and that he can help our country to move forward.

I also believe that President Biden cares about cities. Donald Trump didn't care about cities that were largely populated by people of color. And so I feel a lot of hope. I know that we have something different coming. And so I'm hopeful that in the next four years, we truly, truly, truly rebuild ourselves into a country that takes care of everyone.

SHAPIRO: That's Philadelphia council member Jamie Gauthier. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.