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Buddy's 5 Favorite Tiny Desk Concerts

While the last few months have provided more than plenty of obstacles for musicians worldwide, Compton emcee and singer-songwriter Buddy has kept his foot on the gas. He dropped an EP with Kent Jamz, released singles left and right — including a new one with Lucky Daye — and even recorded a Tiny Desk (home) concert for us. His home concert was the second of two unforgettable Tiny Desk appearances.

When we asked him to list his five favorite Tiny Desk concerts, we had no doubt that his response would be as charmingly outlandish as everything he touches. —Bobby Carter


Buddy's is one of my favorites because it's me. And they cut it out, but I sparked up in the office. Legend!


H.E.R. is top two; her voice sounds like a home-cooked meal. She sings and plays so effortlessly, I swoon. The background singer held it all the way down and the pianist was going off.


Khruangbin is my favorite band since the Miles Davis Quintet — enough said.


Stumbled upon Chika during a YouTube spiral and was instantly blown away. She raps so well, she sings so nice and the background quartet is crazy.

Erykah Badu

When Erykah Badu performs "Green Eyes," my soul has left my body.

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