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Tell Us About A Time Someone Asked For A Favor

With the phrase "quid pro quo" all over the news right now, Morning Edition is looking at the nature of favors. Tell us about a time you needed someone to do you a favor — or a time when you did a favor for someone. ​What kind of expectations did you have? Were those expectations met?

Maybe you've offered to cover for a sick co-worker, or taken your neighbor's kids to soccer practice. Did you expect anything from them in return? Think of a time you've been in a bind and needed someone to help you out. Did you do anything in return?

If there's a power dynamic at play — maybe between you and your parents — how does that affect your expectations around giving favors?

Submit your stories by following this link. A Morning Edition producer may reach out to you. We will only use your information to follow up with you for a possible story. We will not release any of your information unless you give us permission.

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Rachel Martin is a host of Morning Edition, as well as NPR's morning news podcast Up First.