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What Are Your Childhood Memories Of Big News Events?

Think back to a time when you were growing up and something big was going on in the world — 9/11, the Challenger disaster, Watergate. What did you hear about it? Did you have fears? Worries?

One woman we spoke with thought that the Vietnam War, with its guerrilla warfare, meant that gorillas were going to come get her. What misconceptions did you have about the news?

Please tell us your story in the form below. Your response may be used in an upcoming project on air or on NPR.org. An NPR producer may reach out to you.

Part of this project involves putting voices on air, so we would love it if you could also send us a voice memo. You can do that in the form or email a voice memo to parenting@npr.org. Include your name and where you're from and put "Childhood news" in the subject line.

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