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'A Beautiful Truth' explores human-and ape-nature


Colin McAdam's book A Beautiful Truth may be a novel, but it's still based on intense research. On a surface level, it tells the stories you've heard about before--- the childless couple who decides to adopt a baby chimpanzee, the devoted scientist who communicates with chimps in labs, the process of studying pharmaceuticals on primates.

But what makes A Beautiful Truth unique is its sincerity, its honesty, and its heart.

The story moves along two paths. There's the story of Looee, the chimp raised by humans, and the stories of about half a dozen chimps whose behavior is being observed by scientists. While the paths to eventually connect, each intertwined chapter resonates with themes we can all relate to: the sacrifices we make for family; the pain of loneliness; the power (and ineffectiveness) of words; and the importance of compromise.

Soho Press, the publishing company that released A Beautiful Truth, has joined forces with Save the Chimps, the world's largest animal sanctuary, to help with fundraising.